Risk Management

Many organisations invest millions in information security technologies and resources yet are unable to proactively determine the risk exposure of critical information assets or predict their impact on the business. In addition, many organisations have tens of thousands of vulnerabilities throughout their information infrastructure yet cannot quickly or accurately prioritise which vulnerability should be dealt with first; or how to best mitigate these exposures.

At ArmstrongAdams, we use technology to continuously quantify information risk and prioritise vulnerabilities by taking into account business logic, network and security device configurations, threats, vulnerability and patch data. Within minutes, using a fraction of typical resources, our customers can understand and analyse the potential business impact of new threats, simulate attacks on their networks, and evaluate the most cost-effective remediation alternatives. Furthermore, we give our customers the ability to provide evidence for auditors that controls (such as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems) sufficiently mitigate exploitation of vulnerabilities and therefore can dramatically reduce the cost of patching.

ArmstrongAdams deploys technology to automate and manage the entire lifecycle of security risks by identifying threat exposures, quantifying risk, prioritising vulnerabilities and planning effective countermeasures. ArmstrongAdams’ customers can move from merely plugging security holes to proactively measuring, predicting and managing security risks.

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