Operational Security

An optimised approach to operational security hinges on a variety of factors including the ability to deliver a complete account of network activity, real-time notification of high-risk events, and visibility into network availability and status.

At ArmstrongAdams, we provide clients with the technology to gain highly effective information event and log management, capable of collecting and analysing large amounts of data in real-time, from any event source and in computing environments of any size. The technology we deploy is easily scalable, eliminating the need for filtering and the overhead of employing more staff.

As a result, our customers benefit from built-in and customised reporting capabilities, and the retention and maintenance of complete log records which help ease the burden of compliance. They gain real-time notification of high-risk events, a streamlined incident handling process, and reporting on their most vulnerable assets. We also help to optimise IT and network operations by determining network availability and status, identifying network issues and faulty equipment, and gaining visibility into specific behavioural aspects of users in order to optimise the performance of the network.

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