Data Security

Insider data breaches in the UK cost businesses an average of £1.7 million per company each year, according to the US-based Ponemon Institute, who also estimate that the cost of recovery can reach £60 per breached record - a number that does not factor in the monetary impact of regaining customer loyalty and rebuilding brand value as well as potential fines and legal fees.

Coupled with a tough economic environment, the pressure on organisations to ensure continued data security in the face of increased threats to information integrity has become even greater.

It is no surprise that our customers demand ever higher levels of security to protect the strategic information in their databases from misuse, mistakes, insider abuse and external threats. Increased data accountability and increasing IT complexity thus require a new approach to securing data. At ArmstrongAdams, we use technology to help reduce the complexities of protecting business data, covering a wide range of issues such as sensitive data discovery, data leakage prevention, database breach prevention, and protection against database vulnerabilities.

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