Secure Mobile Working

Any time, any place, anywhere - in terms of information access, this has almost become a mantra for the modern day mobile worker. In tandem with this “Martini computing” principle has been the inexorable growth in the devices needed to help make this a reality - everything from home and public computers, to laptops and mobile phones. However, for as long as businesses have worked to make mobile working easier, the concern topping everyone’s list has been security.

Yet the risks associated with mobile working are often overlooked: the eavesdropping of mobile phone conversations in public places, the inadvertent display of confidential information on notebook screens to fellow travellers, and the invitation to hackers when devices are improperly configured or Wi-Fi is used in an inappropriate manner.

ArmstrongAdams has developed an array of solutions to cope with some of the key technological risks (as well as accidental human behaviour) which will ensure that the benefits of mobile working are not turned into business threatening disasters.

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