Risk Management

Businesses are becoming painfully aware that a combination of increased user numbers, new technologies and the spread of sensitive data is creating an environment where risk is rife. From understanding how risk reveals itself to the ways business should assess and address their own level of exposure to risk, we know that risk is far more complicated than simple notions of ‘secure’ or ‘insecure’.

Everything from understanding the regulatory environment to determining how staff are educated about key risk issues needs to be part of a company-wide process aligned to structured information risk management processes.

Risk management encompasses multiple categories: operational risk, financial risk, reputation risk, market risk and strategic risk. Related to these categories are various forms of business value - all the forms of value that are necessary for long-term success from the viewpoint of key stakeholders.

At ArmstrongAdams, we believe information is the golden thread that binds together all these forms of risk. Our information risk management solutions therefore play a crucial role in every area of risk management. By definition, information risk management is a vital part of the constant effort needed to ensure that business value is created rather than destroyed.

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