Risk Assessment

A risk assessment should provide a clear and objective evaluation of an organisation’s exposure to losses. And the likelihood they will occur.

An accurate valuation of business information assets and systems, coupled with an awareness of the overall threat environment, lies at the heart of our risk assessment service.

We bring a mix of business and technology expertise to help you properly assess the value of your information and systems and advise you on current and emerging threats. We can examine your information systems and networks to identify any areas that fall short of generally accepted industry practice. We can also review your company’s standard practices and provide advice on any problem areas.

We can assess risk either across your entire network or focus on particular systems or applications. Our proven risk assessment methodology uses technical tools and trusted processes to discover where there are issues because an information risk assessment is more than just a technical challenge.

You can trust ArmstrongAdams to help you create a secure computing environment that minimises business risk in the most efficient way.

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