System Protection and Monitoring

Every year, many organisations suffer serious security breaches — in some cases costing millions — despite having a firewall and antivirus protection in place. And while operating system and application patches attempt to stem the continual waves of attacks, hackers are increasingly stealing sensitive data through Web applications. Internal breaches, unintentional or deliberate, are also a continuing source of potential security hazards.

ArmstrongAdams can help you protect and monitor your systems securely. We uncover the value of your systems and anticipated threats related to these. We take a risk-based approach in order to advise on the most appropriate controls. For example, it may be important to discover whether someone is changing a system’s critical files or perhaps to alert that an attack is occurring. If sensitive data is stored, it may also be important to encrypt the data on those systems or enhance logical access controls.

ArmstrongAdams’ solutions thus deliver multi-layered intrusion prevention and detection to help protect your servers from growing methods of attack. We can help you more thoroughly manage compliance through extensive monitoring, recording and auditing capabilities. We support a broad range of operating systems and provide robust security against numerous attacks, including denial of service, remote exploit, SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

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