Privileged User Control and Monitoring

Over the past few years, Auditors have begun to highlight weaknesses in separation of duties surrounding administration of information technology systems. ArmstrongAdams can provide mechanisms that monitor what privileged users are doing, collect logs of their activities, and store those logs securely.

As soon as an administrator has done something on a system, it’s logged. Recorded actions can’t be altered later because the log is taken off the system immediately. The data is stored in a location the administrator doesn’t have access to.

Because of the secure way the logs are stored, they have a high level of integrity. This increases the likelihood that information can be used as evidence that will stand up in court.

This control not only deters people from stealing or changing data, it protects employees too. Administrators also endorse its use because, if something does go wrong, it enables them to prove it didn’t arise from malpractice or an error on their part.

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