Policy Compliance

Most companies have standards in place for their information systems. For example, servers need to be built to certain specifications depending on their function and location. Auditors and managers need to know how well your company is complying with your own technical standards.

However, making policy compliance work can be a major overhead.

At ArmstrongAdams, we can help you validate the compliance of computer systems with your corporate standards. We use appropriate tools or services across your network to show which of your company’s systems comply with these standards. And those that don’t.

For example, we can conduct a comprehensive security analysis of mission-critical applications and operating systems and intelligently assesses vulnerabilities. We can check multiple systems simultaneously for deviations such as missing OS patches, inappropriate user password settings, unauthorised privileges, incorrect file access, changes to security settings, and incorrect configurations. We can also provide integrity checks on data and data access as well as comprehensive management reports and security recommendations.

In simple terms, you benefit from a single point of policy management with minimal disruption to day-to-day business operations.

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