Penetration Testing

Organisations that rely on digital assets to maintain their day-to-day business need assurance that those assets are protected adequately. Penetration tests offer a relatively quick, simple and inexpensive way to evaluate network and system security by simulating a malicious attack.

ArmstrongAdams uses a form of penetration testing — sometimes referred to as ‘black-box testing’ — to gain an external, hacker’s eye view of your digital assets and assess the feasibility of a successful attack. Given no information at all about the networks and systems under test, we can examine their security in exactly the same way any potential attacker would, showing just how much damage they might achieve within a certain period of time.

Our penetration testing process includes careful examination of your networks and systems, looking for any weaknesses resulting from poor configuration, hardware and software vulnerabilities, or flaws in your processes or technical controls. Any security issues that we uncover are presented to you together with an assessment of their likely impact and proposals for dealing with them.

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