Password Management

Managing root and system administrator passwords securely is a challenge in itself. Doing this in a low cost, yet organised and effective way is even more challenging because the tools and expertise needed to do the job well are somewhat thin on the ground.

Any large company will have many employees who need to use information systems. Often, the company’s vendors and other third parties need highly privileged access to these systems too.

Potentially any of these people could cause errors within the system — unintentionally or otherwise. That’s why you need to manage all user passwords securely. You need a structured way of rotating and changing passwords at intervals and a log of who has used them and when. ArmstrongAdams provide products featuring new technology that allows you to do this.

These products simplify the very challenging task of managing passwords securely. Passwords are secured with strong encryption and can be distributed securely as well as being rotated at frequent intervals. The system also regularly checks that passwords are working properly. This reduces the risk of someone being unable to access systems in an emergency because their password doesn’t work.

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