Audit Report Remediation

Auditors always want to see that your company has appropriate controls in place to manage areas of risk. They’ll also check that those controls are effective. You’ll need to address any audit points they highlight. ArmstrongAdams can help you do that.

We can advise you on the right products to address audit points and assist with their implementation. Or it may be that a service would better suit your needs. For example, intrusion detection could be an audit point for you. Monitoring your own digital assets around the clock could be expensive and may not always be possible. ArmstrongAdams, though, can deliver a cost effective, 24/7 service that monitors your networks and systems and reports on any problems. Wherever you’re low on resource to manage controls, we have a service that can take care of it for you.

Auditors will also need you to demonstrate that the controls you have in place are being properly used. We offer training that ensures your people know how to use your systems and recognise the outputs. If you don’t have the necessary resources in-house to manage your controls properly, our cost-effective services can take the problem off your hands.

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