Employee Security Awareness

Because business never stands still, security awareness development should be ongoing. The ArmstrongAdams Employee Security Awareness programme gives you an understanding of just how security conscious your employees actually are at any given time.

We provide a package of interactive modules designed to test your employees’ understanding of security compliance. It can be used to highlight your organisation's most important compliance needs by ascertaining knowledge gaps and therefore areas of risk. Alternatively it can be used to measure the success of awareness initiatives by providing evidence of knowledge and understanding.

Performance is measured throughout the learning exercise, and this can be benchmarked against a post-training knowledge assessment which will demonstrate improvements in employee awareness. Department, location and role-specific modules can be developed to enable targeted learning.

Statistics provide detailed management information, including learning duration, test scores and user activity. This enables you to pinpoint areas of strength and those that need further development. Our modular approach can be adapted and delivered to suit the needs of your organisation. This approach also facilitates specific focus on key business areas in order to reduce potential risks as far as possible.

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