Business Continuity Management

Companies rarely review their business continuity arrangements. Updating them following major business disruption is often overlooked. Yet these plans are critical to reducing the impact of major business disturbance.

Events that disrupt a business are usually one-offs. But they can nevertheless be catastrophic. Many companies don’t employ people with the skills needed to devise and maintain comprehensive business continuity management plans. ArmstrongAdams can help. We provide a range of services covering all aspects of business continuity management, including low-cost, easy to use templates to create business continuity plans; short, focused health checks to ensure your business is really prepared; and a quick start action plan to create or improve your business continuity plans.

We can ensure new projects include business continuity contingencies from day one, as well as create plans to cover problems affecting business during a move. We can also help in buying cost-effective appropriate standby facilities or services and in delivering the expertise to manage or support your on-going business continuity project function.

In addition, we can review and develop your continuity plans to ensure that vital services are back up and running in the shortest possible time after a business interruption. In short, we’ll ensure your business continuity function is fit for purpose.

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