Application Security

Application security is clearly one of the leading information security concerns of major organisations worldwide. Suspect applications available over the Internet, unauthorised use of applications, third-party application vulnerabilities and malware injection into applications are all major headaches. The dynamic nature of Web applications creates new challenges for security and compliance every day. The widespread growth of Web applications and the value they deliver attracts hackers and cyber criminals like bees to honey.

A recent study by Forrester Research found that in the past year 62% of UK and US businesses had been hit by security breaches that exploited application vulnerabilities. The survey also found that only 13% of companies knew the security quality or risk profile of their business-critical applications. Nearly two-thirds of the organisations polled said that while application security is important, they were struggling to meet the challenge on existing budgets.

At ArmstrongAdams, we understand the pressures our clients face. We provide complete and cost-effective application security solutions that help organisations find and rectify vulnerabilities, block attacks in real-time, and provide granular access control to applications. Our application security solutions are tailored to meet each organisation’s unique security requirements and business needs.

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