Information security isn’t just an IT issue.
It’s a business issue.

ArmstrongAdams’ structured processes enable us to help you assess how any security breach would impact on your business.

We know exactly which questions should be asked to find the most cost-effective solution for your particular information security challenges. That’s because we’ve worked with all kinds of issues in a variety of different businesses. Your answers to our questions will help us appreciate what must be protected and what should take a lower priority.

Once we’ve analysed your responses, we’ll recommend the most appropriate range of options for you. These could be products, services or a combination of both. Whatever we suggest will be based on a thorough understanding of your business, your market sector, and the risks that threaten you.

Taking a strategic approach to information risk management is about more than reducing online security risks. In a world of increasingly tough regulations, ArmstrongAdams’ approach can demonstrate you’re showing due diligence in protecting yourself and every other stakeholder in your business.

We believe there are three identifiable elements within every successful information security system:

  1. People — educated and trained to operate and manage a system.
  2. Process — structured, repeatable and measurable.
  3. Technology — the tools that enable your people to carry out your processes.

We’ll be with you at every stage from the initial consultation, through to implementation and training. Training is an essential element of our approach. After all it’s pointless having the best system available if your people don’t know how to use it.

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